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My goal in helping writers learn to tell their stories better is to focus on the three pillars. Write, read, and live with intention. I’ve found that by doing each of these successfully, you’ll improve the other areas as well. For more on that philosophy, read this Story Grid article or explore my site. 

  • Masterful writing will help you deal with your life (and all its complexities). Learning the fundamentals will make you appreciate the stories you read.
  • Active reading makes for better writing. It brings to your experiences another layer of understanding.
  • Intentional living gives you interesting experiences to bring to the page.  

Check out the best resources I’ve found to write, read, and live better. Or, check out my blog as I deconstruct stories and teach you to tools you need in order to write better. I’ll be adding resources, including posts I write and products I come up with to help you on your journey, as I produce them. For now, subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when those things come out. I promise to keep the journey fun along the way.

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