Recurring Book Recommendation Pt. 2

IMG_14881. The Black Hour by Lori Rader-Day (Mystery) I had the pleasure of meeting Lori at the Midwest Writers Workshop this past summer so, even though I’m not much of a mystery reader, I couldn’t not read my newly signed copy right away. It was fascinating. The characters were flawed and relatable and the plot kept you guessing and wanting to know more. Plus, getting to see the first draft of a few pages compared to the published work taught me on top of entertaining me. For a first book, this was fantastic and I can’t wait to read her second (and third when it comes out next summer).

2IMG_1487. Cinder by Marissa Meyer (YA fantasy/adventure) This retelling of Cinderella is ridiculously good. I’m not usually one for fairytale retellings, but this had me speed-reading trying to find out what happened. I even shared the series with my sister and got her hooked. A cyborg princess who doesn’t need a prince to save her? Yes please. Also, it’s always good when an author gives you writing advice they’ve learned along the way.


IMG_14853. The Sculptor by Scott McCloud (Graphic Novel) I’ve just started delving into graphic novels so this is only the second one I’ve read. Normally, it’s not my style to have someone else draw pictures to tell me a story (I prefer my imagination), but I couldn’t put this book down. Usually, the mark of good writing (no- a good story) for me is that something in it resonates with who I am and keeps nagging at me after I’ve experienced it. This certainly fits that criteria. Instead of just being told and forgotten, the story connects me to the author. He was able to express things I didn’t know I needed to hear and his story teaches and comforts me. It’s stuck in my head and I’m not sure I want it to leave.

What books have you read recently that you’d recommend?

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