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Restore Me Scene Analysis

I liked Restore Me, but it’s a book I had to let simmer in my mind a bit before it actually sank in. Not because it was too complicated to understand, but because what happened was subtle. There wasn’t a ton of action. And, I felt like the book was lacking because the irreversible decisions felt weak. But, given time, I found it to be better than my initial reaction. 

Mostly, I wonder how the promises of this book will play off in future stories. I want more choices on the page. More of Juliette contemplating life in her journal. More butt-kicking rather than wondering if she’s capable of anything. 

Juliette is a complicated character and I want to see her do more. She’s so interesting that putting her in more situations where she can take control of what’s going on will be much more enjoyable than letting others make decisions for her. 

I can’t wait. 

Once more, be warned. Spoilers Ahead. 

Beginning Hook:

Juliette is having a hard time learning to lead the country and has to decide whether to ask Warner for help or not. 

  • Inciting Incident. Juliette killed Warner’s father and became Supreme Commander to North America in the previous novel. 
  • Complication. She’s learning that it isn’t easy to be the leader. She has a lot to learn and no time to do so. 
  • Crisis. Should she ask Warner for help? He’s grown up in that world, meaning he’d be a resource. But asking for help means admitting she’s wildly unprepared.  
  • Climax. She meets with Haider alone, but eventually admits she needs help to Warner. 
  • Resolution. The three of them (Juliette, Kenji, and Warner) have dinner with two children of another Supreme Commander, though they don’t know their motives yet.  

Middle Build:

Various children of other Supreme Commanders visit Juliette with hidden motives, she befriends Nazeera after she saves her life, and breaks up with Warner when he tells her the truth about her past.  

  • Inciting Incident. Juliette is almost killed by a poisoned bullet, but Nazeera saves her and Warner heals her. 
  • Complication. There are many threats on Juliette’s life and her real parents are probably going to come looking for her soon. 
  • Crisis. Should Warner tell Juliette what he’s learned about her or keep it to himself? He could lose her when he tells her about her parents. But, if he doesn’t, she could abandon the entire fights against The Reestablishment. 
  • Climax. He tells her and she breaks up with him and bonds with Nazeera. 

Resolution. Nazeera tells her The Reestablishment is planning on destroying sector 45 and everyone in it. And warns her about Warner’s ex-girlfriend. 

Ending Payoff:

Juliette and the others prepare for the symposium, which goes horribly wrong, and Juliette’s real parents come to take her home after she kills 554 people.

  • Inciting Incident. Juliette gets drunk, cuts off her hair, and deals with this all the new information in a way the proves her strength. She grows up a bit. 
  • Complication. They still have to attend the symposium, and Nazeera tells Warner something about Juliette. 
  • Crisis. Should Juliette keep talking to the people, or shut herself down and let them think she’s weak? They are arguing with her over her speech, but she keeps talking. 
  • Climax. At first nothing happens, then she screams and they all die.  
  • Resolution. Her parents show up and take her back to Oceana where she finds out her real name is Ella. 

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