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Vengeance Road Scene Analysis

Don’t forget from last week that the beginning hook, middle build, and ending payoff of Vengeance Road are as follows:

  • Kate finds her father murdered and follows his instructions to find Abe in Wickenburg, where she joins two young men on the way to kill the Rose Riders. 
  • When Kate is shot and the boys find out she’s actually a girl, they make a deal to help her if they can have the gold, which leads to the boys betraying her. 
  • Jesse and Kate together hunt down Waylan Rose to extract revenge and find her mother in the process. 

Now, let’s take a look at the scene analysis of Vengeance Road. 

Once more, be warned. Spoilers Ahead. 

Beginning Hook: 

Inciting Incident. Kate’s father is murdered so she sets off after the Rose Riders to get revenge. 

Complication. When she’s alone on the road, she runs into trouble so the Colton boys offer to ride with her for a while and she agrees.  

Crisis. Should Kate tell the boys that she’s a girl? If she does, they’ll send her right back home and not let her get revenge. If she doesn’t, it’ll be difficult to bathe and relieve herself while in their company.  

Climax. She doesn’t tell them.   

Resolution. Kate is shot trying to go after one of the Rose Riders and the boys find out she’s a girl anyway. 

Middle Build: 

Inciting Incident. The boys steal the journal, betraying Kate and head off for the gold themselves. 

Complication. Will is murdered.

Crisis. Should Kate go after Jesse and put herself at risk with the Rose Riders?

Climax. She tries to save Jesse and gets away only when a lone shooter attacks the Rose Riders. 

Resolution. Waylan gets away and Jesse is injured. 

Ending Payoff: 

Inciting Incident. Kate gets Lil to help Jesse since she owes her a life. He is healed. 

Complication. Kate’s mother is being held at gunpoint by Waylan when they finally catch up to him. 

Crisis. Should Kate help her mother or let Waylan kill her too?

Climax. She hands over her guns and learns the truth about her mother: that she’s the one who had her father killed out of greed for more gold. 

Resolution. Kate’s mom injures Waylan who is then killed by Kate. Jesse kills Kate’s mom and then lets Kate head on home without him. She gets back home and rebuilds her life. He finally catches up and they are together. 

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