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Truthfully, there is no magic potion to get the words on the page. You cannot write a novel if you don’t sit down at your desk and take the time to put words on the page. That means you decide to do so. No matter how many times you hear that, though, it won’t stick until you start doing it yourself.

More importantly, writing is more than the actual act of putting words on the page that will go in the story. You must also figure out your story and edit it lest you send out a jumbled pile of words with no real coherency. 

This week taught me a lot about that. I didn’t write every day (even knowing I could be letting people down). I’m partly guilty about that, partly determined to complete this story no matter what even through failure. I did try to get specific about what this story is and what it isn’t, but I have a long way to go to make fiction writing a priority. I won’t make excuses, just be grateful for the writing I did do (a 1,000-word story for NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest and work on my book). This week is a fresh chance to re-commit to my decision.


Decision means to forget all other possibilities, to make a commitment to what we want. And, a committed decision shows up on your calendar and in your bank statements. If you aren’t actively participating in and/or spending money on the thing you want, you haven’t decided you’re going to have it yet. Examine how you spend your time and your money. What will that teach you about the things you value?


Back to working on this story and how it’s done. Fellow Story Grid Editor, Kim Kessler, told me about a great resource I’m tackling today. My goals for this week are to figure out my ending and external genre. To narrow my initial idea into a workable premise.

Initial idea: A wanted poster hanging on a tree of a thief who can change her face at will

Complication: The longer she wears another’s face, the more likely she is to become them. So, she loses herself in their thoughts and must ultimately realize her own gift/importance.

I definitely think there’s something here and I’m excited to see how it will play out. I’m going to use that excitement to solidify the habit of writing fiction every day. 

What are you working on? How’s the project going? 

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