About Me

Picture of Rebecca

When I graduated college, I knew I had to give up the idea of what I was supposed to be doing. I had just spent 4 and a half years getting two degrees I’ll never use. I didn’t regret it. But I learned that even well-meaning advice can be harmful when applied to the wrong person. Instead, I did some soul searching. Which reminded me that writing and editing best suit my analytical-creative mind.

Books have been my escape in life. They have been my constant companion, my teacher, and even my friend at times when I would have otherwise been lost. In the time since graduation, I’ve worked as a bookseller, took time to travel, and wrote a novel that is a “put in the drawer” draft. After that, I started teaching myself story fundamentals. But, it feels like everything thus far has been leading me to The Story Grid.

I read The Story Grid in 2015 and started listening to their podcasts. I devoured everything they had to offer. In 2017, I took the Story Grid Editor Training Program where I learned how to analyze stories more in depth and practiced breaking down scenes.

Since then, I’m available to offer my editing services to writers looking to learn how to tell their stories better. I take an analytical approach so writers can focus on the things they love. And, I am well-versed in discussing stories in a way that is approachable for someone who may not be as nerdy as I am.

My favorite Genres:

  • Action Adventure
  • Worldview Maturation (as in young adult)
  • Love stories
  • Morality
  • Society
  • Status
  • Non-fiction

Basically, I love reading anything and everything. And, I’m available for a free 30 minute consultation for anyone looking to improve their writing. Feel free to check out the services I offer or book a consultation. Thanks!