Book Lover Business Card

Since I continually create business cards for practice, I have decided to share new examples periodically. They will give you a better idea of what I can create and inspire me to keep working. Most are for made-up companies or customers, but you get the general idea. As a business card is often the first thing you see related to a company, it’s important that it catches potential client’s attention. The one shown below is for book lovers or writers. Although it […]

Moon Drop Herbals

There is a lot of information out there discussing how to break into freelance copywriting even if you have little or no prior experience. For example, search ‘freelance copywriting’ on You’ll get tons of articles with insider information. That’s how I came across the advice to find and study ads that capture my attention, and then to redesign those that fail in some way. Although it’s not exactly copywriting, this redesign of Moon Drop Herbals, Cottage of Natural Elements is my take on […]


  This is the start of my portfolio. It’s a work in progress, but this flyer was created in college for the WMU Spanish Department.