Writing Services

Are you looking for quick advice on how to write masterfully? Or, would you like feedback on something you’ve written so that you can improve? Maybe you just need someone to kick you into gear so that you’ll get your stories on the page.

Whatever the reason that brought you here, I want to help.

How? By…

  • Sending you advice on different writing topics to improve your core knowledge
  • Prompt you to try out a writing technique every day for 10 days
  • Giving you a reason to keep writing
  • Providing specific feedback on short pieces you write so you know how to get better
  • Making writing fun


10-Day Email Writing Course

Sign up for my 10-day email course designed to provide you with daily insight on different writing tools. Additionally, I’ll provide you with a prompt geared at cementing the knowledge in your mind.

Cost: Free

Six-Month Short Story Writing Feedback

Need extra motivation to get the words on the page? In this six-month course, you’ll have one week to write a 1,000-word story once every month. I’ll provide the genre, setting, and an item you must use somewhere in the story. Once you’re done, I’ll email you back specific advice (similar to, but not exactly like a scene analysis) that will help you improve with each story.

Cost: $600 total


Questions? Feel free to contact me.